Are Your Child Custody Demands Hurting Your Child?

The most prophetic things any judge ever said to me about custody was “do you hate the other person more than you love your child? If so, you will do anything that hurts him/her.”  Consider: are your negative feelings towards the other parent greater than your love for your child? Many people come into my […]

5 Important Things to Know BEFORE Tying the Knot

Wedding season is upon us.  So instead of discussing issues that arise when there is marital discord, I thought I would take a moment to talk about issues that should be considered before you get married. Marriage is a social and financial contract for which the law provides certain benefits and burdens.  Before you make […]

Expanding Our Services with Divorce Mediation

Mediation. Many of you have heard of it. Some of you may have experienced it. In this article, I will discuss what mediation is, what it is not, and the positives and negatives of mediation in the context of a matrimonial or family law matter. What is mediation? Mediation is an alternative method to resolving […]

New Year, New Rules

As we say goodbye to 2015, we in the matrimonial bar say hello to new laws about maintenance.  Before we explore what the new law is all about, let’s review what the law was prior to the new statute. First, some basics about maintenance:  “maintenance” is also known as spousal support (fka alimony).  In New […]

No Mulligans off the Golf Course

People often ask if an attorney is necessary in a divorce or separation.  I often wonder if these same people would ask if a doctor is necessary in the operating room when the patient is about to undergo open heart surgery. There are many services out there that advertise assistance with DIY divorce agreements for […]